Health Choice Network • A Family of Health Centers


Health Choice Network, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Dennis Kruse, Chair
  • Rosalyn Frazier, Vice Chair
  • Merrill Thomas, Treasurer
  • Pam Tripp, Secretary
  • Seferino Montano, Immediate Past Chair
  • Johan Torres, MD, Clinical Representative
  • Brodes Hartley, Jr.
  • Frank Mazzeo, DDS
  • Sara Rich
  • Annie Neasman
  • Richard Taaffe
  • Alejandro Romillo, Ex Officio, non-voting member

Health Choice Network of Florida, Board of Directors

  • Bakari Burns, Chair
  • Frank Mazzeo, DDS, Vice Chair
  • Claudio Perez, Treasurer
  • Elodie Dorso, Secretary
  • Rosalyn Frazier, Immediate Past Chair
  • Brodes Hartley Jr.
  • Mario Jardon
  • Annie Neasman
  • Mark Rabinowitz, MD
  • DeAnna Warren
  • Alejandro Romillo, Ex Officio, non-voting member

Alejandro Romillo
President & Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 305-599-1015
ext. 18003
Fax: 305-629-1182
Margarita Ollet
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 305-599-1015
Fax: 305-994-1473
Rick FriedFeld
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 305-599-1015
Maylee Sanchez
Chief Information Officer
Phone: 305-599-1015
ext. 18735
Meredith Marsh
Quality Improvement Officer
Phone: 305-599-1015
ext. 18281
Timothy Long, MD
Chief Clinical Officer